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The American Revival Foundation's Seven Points

The Seven Points are the foundation of the organization and are a set of carefully selected policies and principles that we believe are necessary in order to secure prosperity for current and future generations in the United States.

Point one: overturn corporate domination of our society and culture.

The main goal of a corporation like Amazon, Walmart, Purdue Pharma (peddlers of OxyContin), Apple, Facebook, etc., is to maximize profits at all costs. To do so, they form their brands into drivers and influencers of culture. Predictably, the culture they want to promote is one that promotes excessive consumption and instant gratification at the expense of the long-term good life. The corporate elite would have everyone believe—even children—that all problems can be solved by consumption, destroying the mental and spiritual health of Americans.

Point two: provide paid family leave to all parents.

All parents deserve time with their children, especially during the crucial first months of a child's life. It is vital to make sure that all parents are given this opportunity. Providing paid family leave would ensure that no parent has to choose between a career and a family.

Point three: stop American dependence on resources that destroy our natural beauty.

The magnificence of the nature of the United States is unmatched. From the Grand Canyon to the Redwood Forests, this nation is blessed. It is our responsibility to make sure the natural beauty of the United States is preserved. Therefore, in addition to utilizing alternatives to fossil fuels, we also advocate the re-establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps to provide jobs to maintain our environmental beauty.

Point four: revitalize the power of the worker and the small business owner.

 One income should provide for a family. International mega-corporations have destroyed America's middle class with union-busting, outsourcing, price undercutting, and many other insidious practices. Far from resisting, our government has willingly collaborated in many cases, enriching the few and impoverishing the many. We plan to take the fight right to these corporations and ensure that the minimum wage is tied to the cost of living and constantly adjusted for inflation. Subsidies will be provided to small businesses so that wage increases have no impact. Civilian Conservation Corps to provide jobs to maintain our environmental beauty.

Point five: enact a universal basic needs guarantee.

 Rather than Universal Basic Income, which would make inflation skyrocket, we propose a Universal Basic Needs Guarantee (UBNG) to ensure that all employed Americans have a basic minimum standard of living (food, water, housing, medical care). 

Point six: all who want a job should be able to get one.

To ensure full employment, we support the re-introduction of the Works Progress Administration to provide jobs to all Americans who want one.

Point seven: bind up the wounds of division to build a better future. 

We are all Americans. We must work together to build a more united and prosperous future. We need freedom from poverty, homelessness, and destitution. We must recognize that we are all Americans. The United States has unlimited potential within our population. Instead of shackling it with endless debt cycles and financial worries, we need a revolution of the soul. 

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