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An ARF Meeting in Progress in 2023

About the Organization

The American Revival Front was founded in August of 2021 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan by Gabriel Ervin, who was heavily motivated by the toll that globalization had taken on his home state. He along with a few friends held the First Conference for American Revival in Birmingham Michigan in 2022 where he and other leaders forged the ARF's vision for the future, codifying the seven points.

Gabriel Ervin founded the American Revival Foundation in response to the corporate greed witnessed during the pandemic.

About our Founder

Gabriel Ervin is a fervent advocate for the principles the American Revival Front promotes: charity, service, and action. He grew up in Oakland County and currently attends the University of Michigan. He had always been interested and involved in politics, and during the pandemic, he became increasingly worried about the decline of American morality and the rise of the cult of greed, he hosted a podcast known as The Daily Diatribe where he garnered a decent following through 2020, realizing a talk-show was not enough to make a movement he organized some listeners into what we know today as the American Revival Front. He has participated in organizing labor events at the university and collaborating with university and student organizations to protect workers. He was a candidate for Beverly Hills Village Council in 2022 garnering 1,400 votes despite being outspent 30:1 by many of his opponents, his campaign highlighted the growing trend of investment banks taking over and destroying suburbs in order to further centralize wealth and property. This year he ran for President of the University of Michigan with a full slate of candidates, garnering 9 seats in the assembly,  becoming the official opposition, and 1,100+ votes on the presidential ballot. More recently he won the election to serve as a State Delegate to the United Methodist where he looks forward to representing honesty and good values.

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